Tuesday, May 14, 2019

What's Doing

My dear Bridget did a very interesting and, frankly, brave thing on her blog.  She invited people to ask her questions --- any questions --- and she would answer them.  (Within decency and reason, naturally.)  I really like that idea, and might use it here when enough time has passed so that Bridget won't think of it as a blatant rip-off.

Yesterday was Tap's "birthday."  There's no record of when he was actually born, so it was a matter of counting backward from how old he was when I adopted him.  That put him being born in May.  Someday around the middle of the month seemed the safest bet.  Month May (5),  year '18, I decided the 13th because of the math:  5 + 13 = 18.

I'm knitting a little, reading a little, but mostly I'm working crossword puzzles.  I just have the fever.


  1. Tap is, of course, a Taurus, just like his Auntie Twinnie.

  2. Happy Birthday, Tap! Ask your mom to give you lots of kisses from me!

    (P.S. Do a Q&A whenever you like - it's not like it was an original idea on my part, as I stole it from knitting podcasters ...)

  3. Happy Birthday adorable Tap. I love Q and A! Go ahead let us ask!


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