Friday, August 25, 2017

Almost There

I failed to mention that my association with "red" is
red boots.

"Red wine" was the answer for four of you, including teabird, who wins the final Countdown Contest prize.  Teabird has been a participant in Knitters' Hunk from the very beginning. and I congratulate and thank her.

On Monday, I will make one of the two announcements KH and KC are bringing.  Then you can begin submitting your nominees on Tuesday.  Nominations will also be taken Wednesday and Thursday.  Simply as a reminder, you do not need to nominate
Ewan McGregor
Denzel Washington
Sam Elliott
Mike Rowe
Helen Mirren
Tina Fey
Maggie Smith
Isabella Rossellini.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.


  1. Yay! Need to figure out my third nom. Do alpacas count?

  2. I cant wait!!!!!! IT is always so fun. I think ALpacas cant count because there wouldbe NO contest then

  3. How many do you nominate? I'm a newbie!!!


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