Friday, November 25, 2016


My daughter's boyfriend is a bona fide cook.  He came up with an all-from-scratch Thanksgiving meal for us:
Mashed sweet potatoes with cream cheese
Roasted white potatoes
Yeast rolls
Green bean casserole
Thank you, William;  it was all delicious.

We had a lovely time, and Briton and Hannah had lots to talk about.
This is either a conversation about Pokemon or other video games or the Avengers or mutual friends or "The Walking Dead" or movies or pets or TV shows. . .  You can see that Hannah inherited the talking-with-your-hands gene from me.  I once had a student ask me if I'd be able to lecture with my hands tied.

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  1. Oh, you had me at "cream cheese." Ha! That sounds deicious!! Happy holidays!


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