Mr. Rickman

Alan Rickman sort of started the Knitters' Hunk contest.  

My first online friend, Roxanne, and I used to needle one another almost constantly about our respective tastes in men.  (We do to this day, in truth, though we have each mellowed.)  She could never understand my attraction to him.  Or so, at least, she said.

We went back and forth, all in good fun: "My crush is cuter than your crush."  One day, Roxanne said, "Why don't you have a contest to decide this once and for all?"
Hmmmmmm. . .

Hello, The Knitters' Hunk.  And the first winner?

Any fun you have in KH, and now KC, thank Alan and Roxanne.

He would have turned 70 today.  It still stuns me to realize that he isn't on the planet anymore.


  1. So who was her crush?

    And he's still here, just in spirit form.


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