The Knitters' Hunk


Knitters' Hunk is an annual contest to choose the man we knitters would most like to knit with, for, or even just near, keeping us company while we knit.
The contest begins in August, with nominations accepted from anyone who'd like to participate.  The nominees are then placed into a tournament bracket, and knitters' votes determine the ultimate winner.  (Whomever nominates the year's hunk gets prizes, by the way.)

Our 2016 Hunk:
Ewan McGregor

Here are past winners of the coveted* title:
Sam Elliott, 2015

Mike Rowe, 2014

Ewan McGregor, 2013

Liam Neeson, 2012

Sam Neill, 2011

Alan Rickman, 2010

Johnny Depp, 2009

Hugh Jackman, 2008

Alan Rickman, 2007

*At least, we like to think it's coveted.

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