Friday, August 7, 2015

Live-Blogging The Nominations

9:25 AM --- Man, I wish I could say something about the nominees.  But, mustn't cheerlead.

9:28 AM --- YES!  One of my favorite men to look at, ever.

9:28:02 AM --- Mustn't cheerlead.

9:34 AM --- Laughing out loud at a comment left for me.  You know who you are.

9:48 AM ---  All names, as of now, recorded and prepped for the draw.

10:50 AM --- There are already a few folks nominated by more than one person.

10:52 AM --- My daughter will definitely be voting for him.

11:25 AM --- Chick nominations are always so interesting.  Several people have told me they're more difficult to come up with than Hunks.

11:34 AM --- Great, inspired choice.

11:34:08 --- Mustn't cheerlead.

11:46 AM --- Break for knitting.

12:28 PM --- And a peanut butter sandwich.

1:37 PM --- I know whom a few people are going to nominate, even before they nominate them.

3:48 PM --- Appropos of having just watched this, I remember that I was the only girl in the entire 5th grade who did not have to go watch "that movie."  The boys in my class kept looking at me like I had interrupted all their plans for that half-hour or so.  Still, it's one of my best elementary school memories.

3:53 PM --- Some of these men have been in the contest every year.  I feel like they should be given  some sort of meritorius service certificates or something.

4:11 PM --- Wow.  My friend Kelli has posted this on Facebook:
My friend Kim runs Knitters Hunk and Knitters Chick over at her blog. If any one of my knitting friends joins in, I will donate copies of the winners choice of 5 of my patterns for each contest. Kim Spence Dean just needs to tell me who the winners are. So, go forth my knitting friends and nominate!
Thank you, Kelli!

6:20 PM --- Time to wrap things up here.  As of this minute, 36 men and 33 women have been nominated.  Remember that nominations can come in until Midnight, Sunday.  Spread the word!

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