is our Reading Tree.  When Briton and Hannah began reading in earnest, she and I painted this on one of the hallway walls.  Each time one of us would finish a book, we'd put its name and our initials on a construction paper leaf, and put the leaf on the tree.

I have decided to re-purpose the tree;  I'm going to turn it into a Knitting Tree.  Each time I finish a project, I'll write it down on a piece of construction paper (shape yet to be determined), and put it on the "new" tree.

It's going to be a little sad taking these leaves down, though I know some of them will be saved.  I'll try to keep you updated as the "leaves" "bloom."


  1. I love the idea of a Reading Tree (am going to share that with my sister), and repurposing as a Knitting Tree will be fun.

  2. Cool idea! I can't wait to see you tree grow . Our scarf will be part of that tree

  3. I love the knitting tree! And your reading tree is a great idea for kids. Goodreads in visual form!

  4. This is so cool. I'm going to have to do this with my emerging and beginning readers.


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