Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dot. Dot. Dot.

The grand total of How Many Cowboy Boots Kim Owns is. . .
36 regular. . .
3 rain.
Here be the last pair:
These are the rainboots I wear most often.  I've always been drawn to calico prints.  And gingham.  

You must believe me that I had no idea how many boots I have.  I figured it was "around" 30. . .  I'm sort of pleased the total wound up being an even 3 dozen.  Am I now duty-bound to show any future boot purchases?

Speaking of purchases. . .
My friend Kelli is offering a free download of her lovely Hexagon Mitts through tomorrow.  Help yourself to her creativity!  And maybe find something else you like while you're there. . .


  1. I found Fireman's old Frye boots in our closet. Easily 35 years old and in great shape

  2. Ok first, I can post again.
    Second. How do rain boots count as cowboy boots? Please explain.


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