Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happiness in Boxes

Today was yarnbox day:
 The sequined and the variegated definitely go together, but I can't account for the teal-y blue.  I'm sure the sequined and variegated will go into a thin-ish, airy-ish scarf.

Shari wears scarves year-round, which got me thinking about lightweight, fluttery neckwear.  I'm probably too hot-natured to wear even the flimsiest scarves in spring and summer, but you can't argue that they add an awful lot to a look.

Speaking of Shari, I drank some tea at her house that absolutely floored me.  She had gotten hers on a trip to Israel, but, fortunately, it's available online.
Direct from Jerusalem, I'll have you know.  It is absolutely my favorite tea.   There are also a couple of blends from David's Tea and The Tea Table that I'll try to never be without, but this is true nectar.

Had a thought today about how to put a twist in the Hunk and Chick contests;  will turn it over in my mind for a while yet.  You'll all find out in plenty of time.



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