Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mid-Season Report

When Hannah was in town the other day, she, Briton and I started talking about Knitter's Hunk and Knitter's Chick, how we're all kind of missing it right now, and whom we would nominate if we had to today.*

My three for each:
Rashida Jones

Jenna Fischer

Lucy Liu


Craig Ferguson

Hugh Laurie

Scott Wilson

How about you?  If you had to nominate today, who would be in the tournament?  I promise not to hold anyone to what is said here come actual nomination time.

*All three of us recognize that by August, our lists may (probably will) be quite different.


  1. Jimmy Fallon He is so sweet
    ROb Lowe his birthday was yesterday!

    Kate Hudson

  2. I like your picks! I'd add Helen Mirren, Dame Judy Dench, and Amanda Palmer; Sir Patrick Stewart and Neil Gaiman.


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