Saturday, November 17, 2018

#Chewy Influencer the First --- I Really Didn't Think This Through

Among the products offered for trial this month were several with Christmas-y feels.  The little Planning Voice in my head said, "Great!  These can be Christmas presents!"

Except I have to give reviews before Christmas.  

Do you think Tap, Madeleine, and Riley will notice if I tape the containers back up and wrap them for Christmas morning?


First, Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks for Tap.

His reaction to these each time I offer him one is to snag it enthusiastically, run away with it, and hide it.  Scattered around the house are little gingerbread men and stars and trees with single, maybe two, bites out of them.  Maybe he's squirreling them away for Christmas morning himself? allows me to try products in-home each month in return for honest reviews of those products.  There is never an exchange of money.


  1. So--is that a thumbs up or a thumbs down? Or a paw up or a paw down?

  2. Well, they are adorable treats. If they are toys, well great. If they are treats, thats great too!!!



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