Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Of Course She Was

It was painful for me to spend this last weekend in Athens while my 40th high school reunion was going on in Nashville.  Thankfully, many of my classmates have posted photos on Facebook, and they have been fun to look at. (One of my teachers, and one of the most important women in my life, was there, and she has not aged a single bit.)  (Also, the first boy I ever had a crush on at that school was there.  6th grade.  He told me I was weird.  He's still cute, though.)

I've mentioned here that I graduated with Ann Shayne's brother;  he was in attendance.
That's Aubrey, on the right there. (Photo by classmate and former doubles partner Jennifer.)  Ann was there, too, which means I not only missed seeing friends, but I missed being able to do some serious knitting talk.


  1. I have never been invited to any of my high school class reunions, since I did not graduate from high school. I also don't really care.

    Though when we were home recently, I ran into two former classmates who were the "it" girls in high school, and they looked very old and very fat. And I was just shallow enough to enjoy it.

  2. Aww i think it is nice you wanted to go . I Avoid all high school reunions like the plague.



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