There Are Helpers Everywhere

As she has done more than once in the past, my wonderful Bridget has given me a way to blog without thinking too much.  (Like all else about me, my thinker is strained to the point of cracking.)

Bridget blogged about something called "Maker's May," which she had read about on Facebook via Stefanie Japel.  It's a question-a-day survey/meme/take-off point for those of us who make things.  Lay your eyes here:

Since I didn't learn about this until yesterday, I have a little catching up to do.

1.  I am KSDean.
2.  My newest completed creation is a hat for, coincidently, Bridget's Harry's Hundred.
3.  I sell on etsy.
4.  Currently in/on my workspace:
one dog
one cat
one computer
two books
two works in progress
one jar of Vaseline
one tape measure
one pair of scissors
one bottle of hand lotion
two remotes for the TV
one can of Dr Pepper

There!  All nice and caught up, and my thoughts distracted for a few minutes.


  1. This is so funny, I was thinking of doing this catch-up post for myself today or on the weekend! Great minds. :-)

    Oh you are the best with your contributions to Harry's Hundred. I like to think we'll hit the goal the way things are going ...


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