Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Learner Be

Today's Maker's May question: What new technique would you like to learn?


My big knitting bugaboo is double-pointed needles.  Technically, I know how to use them.  I understand what's supposed to happen.  But I simply cannot knit with them because I can't hold them!

(Photo from

Stitches slide off, a needle slips out and onto the floor, I reach down to pick it up and lose more stitches.  Cast on again, somehow manage to tangle the needles (NOT the yarn) when I'm dividing stitches, get that straightened out, then the ball of yarn has rolled away and now one of the cats is playing with it, and Heaven help if I lay this down to retrieve it, because it will be impossible to pick back up correctly.  It's hopeless.  


  1. They are tricky, but I have to say that I love knitting with dpns. I guess I've figured it out well enough. As a matter of fact, I took a class in Magic Loop, and frankly just can't be bothered.

    When I first learned to use them, the person showing me said that they were like "trying to knit with porcupines."

  2. Try to think of them as two needles knitting and two resting. Use longer needles for awhile I never use shorties or I loose stitches. I always cast on all the stitches on one needle and then knit them into the other needles and no one knows. I need to learn short rows...
    I know I do them on heels, but I need to learn for shawls...cause I'm not knitting shawls right? That makes no sense



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