Saturday, November 21, 2015


Yesterday, I had a headsmack moment.  "Primrose" is "Prim Rose."  Why that particular adjective was applied to that flower, I don't pretend to know.  But then, none of this had dawned on me untl I was 55 years old.

It looks like 2016 may be The Year of Charity.  I'm still planning to do Blankapalooza, and now Bridget is looking for ways she can help some folks out in honor of what would have been her father's 100th birthday.  I'm in.  Are you?  We may even be able to incorporate some of our squares into scarves or hats.

Madeleine portraiture.  She and Briton's dragon are having a long look down their noses at us commoners.

I came across some yarns I bought at Revival specifically to make a Color Affection shawl, so I've cast on for it.  I didn't remember the pattern being so easy to memorize;  I can click right away on it.  Well, until my finger gives out.


  1. I think 2016 will be a very helpful year!

  2. Love love love the kitty's look

  3. Thanks for mentioning my idea here, and for wanting to help out. :-)

    I realize word things all the time ... once you realize it, it always seems amazingly stupid that you never did before, right?

    I would like to give Color Affection a try - every one I've seen is so nice, and I think it would be a nice project to have going with no specific deadline.

    Kitties and dragons. Each sure of their own power. ;-)



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