Sunday, November 29, 2015


Who knew?  A Barbie doll Farrah-Fawett-poster-yes-that-one.  And it's really good.

This morning's news on Madeleine's blood sugar level is that it's fluctuating between 250 and 290, but since it's staying between those two, they're calling it "stable."  She hasn't been eating, but I'm guessing the fluids are taking care of that.  Oh, and according to the tech that called, "Everybody here thinks she's a big sweetie."  Which she is.

I'm not really worried about her, as she's getting around-the-clock attention.  But I do miss her.


  1. I'm glad that it sounds like she will be OK and home soon. But I know what you mean about missing her. When you get her home, please give her a kiss from me.

  2. awww I'll pray to St. Francis for her



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