The Z Sound

I haven't ever really wanted to be male.  (I qualify with "really" because, let's be honest, who wouldn't want to live a period-free life?)  But they do have a decided advantage when it ccomes to hot weather.  First, they can go shirtless.  Second, they can buzz all their hair off without setting off storms of "WHY?"s.

This is as close as my hair will let me get to the second.

And I'll spare you even the hint of a photo of the first. . .




  1. Several years ago I was really irritated that my husband and then 7-year-old son kept coming to dinner without shirts b/c it was "too hot". I kept telling hem how rude I thought it was, asking them to please wear shirts at mealtime...all of it fell on deaf ears. day I came to lunch in my bra and panties. I have rarely felt so naked. But no one has come to dinner half naked since!

  2. Oh, Lora --- good for you! I would never be that brave!

  3. Hooray for short short hair. Mine is very short and so nice in the summer heat and humidity. Embrace the short. Isn't it fun to have too much shampoo on your head that first wash?

  4. Short hair is the best. Whenever someone says, "Well aren't you afraid someone will think you are a man" my answer is always "That's their problem, not mine."

  5. You and your hair are ADORABLE! I wish I could wear it that short, but my round face and chubby cheeks would look even more chipmunk-y.


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