Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another Father's Day

My son just asked me if I am okay on Father's Day.  I told him, in truth, that I am.

Neither my Daddy nor my husband wanted a big deal made about Father's Day.  They both wanted to be remembered, of course, but big to-do-s weren't necessary.

I don't think my husband thought too much about himself on Father's Day;  he thought of his father.  I know that's how I feel on Mother's Day.  It was always about her, not about me.

My son also said, "I don't think I ever told you I'm sorry you lost your husband.  I am."

That's a terrific Father's Day present for a mom.


  1. That's so incredibly sweet of him.

  2. WOW .. Your son was right on!!!!!! How wonderful of him to step out of himself and view your life and loss. Kiss that boy!


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