Saturday, February 2, 2013

On the DL

You may remember that several months ago, Hannah and I went for massages, and my right arm, which had been giving me trouble while knitting, got quite a workover.  As in, to the point of sort of hideous bruising.  That masseuse thought the problem was in my bicep, and gave me stretching and other exercises to help things along.

Well, in the last two or three weeks, the pain had returned, and was actually worse.  Hannah and I had, again, been looking for a date to go in for massages, and when we found one, we pounced.

This time, the masseuse decided the trouble was the deltoid muscle.  And he worked on it for probably half of our entire session.  Hurt (still hurts) like a mother.  And his suggestion was that I cut back on knitting.

Right?  Tell a knitter not to knit.  When that knitter is about to go away for a couple of days and knitting was one of the only three Trip Goals.  Tell a knitter not to knit when the Super Bowl is coming up?

But you know what?  If I knit for very long, the pain is all but unbearable.  Dammit.


  1. I hate when I have to curtail my knitting due to pain.
    I say ibuprofen...800mg at a time.....
    and short knitting bursts....
    and lots of pattern reading

  2. Knit but while really doped up? How did it go on Sunday? It would probably be better to heal and then knit than aggravate past the point of no return.


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