Saturday, November 17, 2012


Yesterday was the first year anniversary of my mother's death.  I was the only one who remembered.  Which would have mortified her.  She was one of those write-the-thank-you-notes-the-evening-of-the-event-type.  She never wanted to look anything but completely together, with everything handled.

She was determined to be perfect, to stay on top of things because of pride.  She wanted to stand alone because of what she was capable of.  Her isolation was due to her idea that dignity was the goal, and dignity is usually a one-person-at-a-time event.

I find myself doing almost everything by myself.  Remembering dates, occasions.  My children don't have a clue.  Don't even show an interest in paying attention to anyone's lives/feelings/activities but their own.  I'm the only one who seems to realize that there are things that simply have to be done, just have to be thought about.  Even if it interrupts a DVD or a text or a phone call.

My isolation is loneliness.  An only child, never the best at making lots of friends, raised by a woman whose message was always "backbone" instead of "heart."

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  1. IT is so hard Kim when our children are younger and they don't have that thoughtful gene developed yet. THey are young they dont' want to face the realities of life and death and it well, it comes later....

    How lovely of you to honor your mom. I found the Day of the Dead in Mexico to be such a wonderful experience. A day set aside where EVERYONE remembers someone. TOo bad our culture shuns this


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