Sunday, April 15, 2018

No Worse For Wear

It's never my intention to let lots of time lapse between blog posts.  My life as it stands right now, though, doesn't lend itself to exciting --- heck, even day-to-day muddling --- experiences.  And lately, things have been sort of . . . flat.  Thoughts of going out and doing things are quickly met, and tamped down, by laziness and depression and my ability to talk myself out of any errands.  Let's just say that when you can get groceries delivered, there isn't much need to venture out.

I recently finished a sweater with some pima cotton that mesmerized me.
Sometimes the knitting is just plain pretty, you know?  The color and the texture and the feel and the drape all come together.


  1. A challenge for you: write about the mundane and make it interesting. Or not, as you choose. Lovely color in that sweater.

  2. Kim, Im very glad you brought this up. It has been tough here too; even though we are home from vacation, I'm missing the kids and the weather stinks. Even if you can't think of anything to say, just show us a photo maybe. Let me know if you need a hug. I watch reruns of Incredible Doc Pol because it makes me happy. I can watch reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond etc. I force myself to go out even if I feel like staying in. I try to fake it till I make it. And i try to say nice things to me!!!!

  3. I think this is why I like blogs rather than FB. FB gives the impression that everyone else's life is exciting and perfect. None of us post about doing laundry or all of the other mundane things that occupy the majority of our days. Sometimes the boring and mundane is just enough.


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