Wednesday, October 4, 2017

No Good Deed

I stopped at the grocery yesterday to pick up a few things.  There was a gallon of milk and a heavy container of cat litter, so I took a cart to the car.  As soon as I finished putting everything in the car, I heard the cart rolling away, heading toward a shiny car obviously parked where it was to keep it safe.

You anticipate, yes?

Setting off to chase the cart, I lost my balance and took a hard fall.  From my left knee up to my left temple, I hit and then skidded across the parking lot.  My suspicion is that I've cracked a few ribs, so I'm breathing deeply and coughing regularly to keep my lungs clear.  Everything, everything hurts.

And the cart still hit the car.


  1. Oy. Be careful, it could be something not immediately knowable. Trust me on this. And take care!

  2. Oh no! I fell similarly years ago - slipped out of my slip on shoes and sprawled face down in the parking lot...ended up at the ER the next day and tried to convince them that my husband had not beaten me....hope you feel better soon.

  3. Oh NO! Kim. Im so sorry. Find out by xray whats up. You need to know how to heal. OUCH. Big hugs

  4. That's so terrible- I'm so sorry- I hope you've improved and been seen by a doctor!!! Worried about you!!


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