Friday, September 1, 2017

Step One is Done

Because it is the First of September, let me say
Happy Birthday, Barry Gibb.  ðŸ’ž

It's a day of rest here at KH/KC HQ.  Not because it's Barry's birthday, although that would be sufficient reason.  It's because all the nominations are in, and there's a chance to deep-breathe before filling out the brackets.  At some point in the day, the seeds will be set, which needs to be done before the brackets can be filled.  The first four seeds in both contests are those who went in automatically, followed by people who were nominated by more than one person, with ties broken by alphabetizing.  Showing you how to make sausage again, aren't I?

Your choices, as ever, are wondrous, with many new (and new to me) faces this year.  Many faces I will thoroughly enjoy looking at (and looking at) as I comb for pictures.

Thank all of you for joining me in this every year.  Good luck!


  1. Thanks for all you do at KHKCHQRSTUVWXYZ!

  2. Oh Im so ready Kim!!! I loved the GIBBS!!! Take a break from all that contest work! Enjoy the weekend!


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