Thursday, September 14, 2017

Getting There

We here at KH/KC HQ hope you are all well and fighting-fit.  The vote totals have doubled, tripled even, in the last couple of days.  Is someone out there "cheating"?  You little scamps. . .

Yesterday's voting brought the closest finishes yet, with three races ending in ties, four by one vote, the last by three.  So, there will be tiebreakers tomorrow, before we officially get to the final sixteen.  While I pull them together, an amuse bouche for you today:


  1. GAH - no 'vote' buttons are showing up for me today!

  2. This is fun. This is always fun. My vote counts! Thank you for all the work involved. I love this contest

  3. At back to school night last night, I got 2 new Knitter's to join in- Holden's awesome music teacher and another mom. I had no idea they were Knitter's!


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