And Then, And Then

I believe I found the perfect Want-To-Knit-A-Sweater-But-Will-Get-Bored-Knitting-A-Sweater project:
This vest kit is from Peace Fleece.  Vicki posted about the site a few days ago, which led me to it, which led me to this.  The yarn is Zarya Fog, which is tweedy, which I love.  Tweeds are, without question, my favorite yarns of all.

Dear, dear, darling Twinnie has a new addition to her alpaca family.  This is Duke of Calypso, just after his birth Sunday:
Here he is today:
He has grand black markings, and has just about gained control of his back legs.  Such a cutie.  (I will be calling him "Bomber," but that's another story.)  Welcome to the world, young man.


  1. Bomber was very busy today chest butting every Auntie trying to get them to chase him. Oh and napping.

  2. Your vest is the perfect choice! You will knit one up beautifully.
    Isn't Calypso a doll!

  3. I am always attracted to those simple stockinette projects in neutral colors, but know that the knitting would be the death of me... death by complete & utter boredom!! Haha!


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