Thumbs Up

Having an actor in the family means paying much more attention to actors and their craft.  That, in turn, means wanting deserving actors to be rewarded for excellence.  So, award shows are a big deal around here.  The Emmy nominations came out today, and I am really happy about 
Hugh Laurie
Ron Cephas Jones
David Harbour
Anthony Hopkins
Jeffrey Wright
Sterling K. Brown
all being selected.  If you've never seen any of these men at work, I highly recommend your hunting them out.  They're each so brilliant that my son had to wear shades:

It is, very suddenly, very hot here.  It's been quite warm here on other days, but, the slamming heat landed this week.  And intense heat means bad headaches for me, no matter how much I try to stay ahead of it with hydration. 

Thank all of you for your wonderful replies to this week's question.  Every time such a round of good answers comes in, I plan to respond to each of you individually, then fail spectacularly.  What is particularly special about these replies is how they prompted us all to look up new patterns.  And new patterns are never a bad thing, right?


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