Whatcha Doing?

Thank you for such good answers to this week's question!  There's still today and tomorrow left to answer, so if you think someone might be interested, send them this way.  There are going to be non-knitting prizes, if that makes things a little bit more attractive.  Too, non-knitting prizes can always be substituted if need be.

We've had rain and/or cloudy skies here for several days in a row, which is wonderful save for the sinus headaches that accompany such weather.  There's been lots of holding my head very still lately.

Are any of you playing Summer Book Bingo?  I patchworked my own card, using suggestions from a few different sites.  My first book covers the "By An Author From A Different Country" square, as it was written by an Englishwoman.

I just finished watching "Westworld," on the recommendations of Briton and Hannah.  It's genius stuff, and stars two favorites:
How do you miss with Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins?


  1. FUnny because I guess I could do book Bingo. I am reading a Horse behaviour book right now and a book on Angels and visits from a friend who gave it to me after my mom died. So that's two books already. Bingo it is then. Bring it!

  2. I'm participating in Book Bingo - or at least I'm going to try. That book looks really interesting - I may have to give it a look-see ...

  3. That does look like an interesting book. And, I'm doing Book Bingo too.


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