Quickly and Efficiently

This will be brief, as today is, evidently, You-Have-To-Juggle-Seven-Things-At-Once Day.

This week's countdown prize:

The Sephora travel brushes bag speaks for itself.  The Make-Up Eraser, I have to say, works like a charm.  It's unclear to me how, exactly, but when the only thing you have to do to get your make-up off is wet a soft cloth and run it over your face, you don't quibble.

For your chance to win, please answer this question by Friday:

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

(If you're interested in how the Magic Yarn Ball worked, Kathryn made a nice post about it here.)


  1. I have that makeup eraser and adore it. I agree...how does it work? It's just a polyester washcloth! My favorite way to pamper myself is a massage. If I were ever uber wealthy, I'd have one every day.

  2. Oh- what a dream inducing question... To pamper myself- a serious, it means business, foot massage is high on the list. If it could happen while lazily eating chocolates, bonus! And while I'm dreaming, if perhaps King Henrik where doing the massaging... Sigh.

  3. Oh there are so many! I love a massage, a pedicure, a facial, but my favorite? A really good scalp massage at the hair salon.

  4. Definitely a massage! Love it (and am getting one Thursday evening - yay!!).


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