Chewy Influencer --- The Negative (?)

As you know, I am a "influencer" --- a customer who is allowed to select products for in-home testing each month.  No money whatsoever is involved, I am simply asked to give honest reviews of the products.

This month, I asked to try 
okocat pine litter.  The cats and I had a serious parting of opinion with it.  I like it very much.  It is very, very absorbent and there is no odor at all.  I'd use it from now on, except that Erin does not like it.  She will not move all the way into the litter box, and backs out shaking whatever feet dared make it in.  

Since the other two cats don't seem to mind the texture, there is still a possibility that I'll use it again.  But there will have to be a different box with different litter in it for Erin.


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