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Baby knitting has been on the front burners of late.  Unfortunately. there aren't any available photos of anything because everything is to be given to friends who are mothers-in-waiting.  I will say that, man, a baby gift made with bulky yarn just flies off the needles.

Thank you for all your "floral" answers to this week's question.  It's interesting to read what everyone has to say.  My own favorite is
the gardenia.  There is, though, a special place in this house for the daisy:
When I told Briton that he was going to be a brother, he asked, "When is she going to be here?"  He never changed his opinion that the new baby was going to be a girl.  Turns out, he knew before we did!  When asked what his sister would be named, again without hesitation, "Daisy."  We've never figured out why "Daisy," but it stuck, and the flower and this character
have always meant "Hannah" to us.  I took a little stuffed Daisy Duck with me to the hospital when I had her, and we've bought Daisy Duck merchandise just about every time we've seen it since.  She's a wee bit scarcer than her spotlight-stealing friend Minnie Mouse, which makes every sighting even more special.


  1. When my sister was pregnant with her second, her oldest insisted that the new baby was going to be a boy and his name was Noah Jacob. Months and months went by, and she kept insisting that it was a boy and his name was Noah Jacob. The baby was finally born and it was indeed a boy and my sister and brother-in-law named him Noah could they not? Interestingly, my sister went on to have three more children and my niece never again felt so strongly about what gender the baby would be or what it's name should be. I wonder why that is?

  2. My daughter is expecting her second and three year old Maisie first said the baby was a sister and she was happy. then one day she said, mommy the baby just told me he is a boy so I guess I have a brother coming, and that is great/ when they had the 3=d ultra sound earlier this month,, it is a boy indeed. Maisie is quite excited to be right!

  3. What a cute family story. I love family stories that mean so much to just your family. Al was given a HUGE Raggedy Ann doll by my sister. She brought it to the hospital nursery. For some reason, Zach has always found it creepy. So I hide it under his bed sheets whenever he visits. ITs a weird family joke!

  4. I love gardenia too! Sweet story about your babes.


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