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Sam Elliott has been "It" for me for 40+ years.  When I found out about his new movie, "The Hero",  it became an "Of-Course-I'll-See-It."  I didn't know at the time that his character is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  I'm unsure, then, that I'll see it until it comes out on DVD, when I can control an on and off button.

I am so sick of pancreatic cancer.  Tired of it.
Some other things I have just learned come from Raven Rock, the book I'm reading.  For one, the Eisenhower Interstate System was created, in large part, to facilitate the movement of troops and armaments in case of a nuclear attack.  Also in case of such an attack, the Declaration of Independence was to be saved before the Constitution at the National Archives.    The National Gallery's priority was da Vinci's Genevra de' Benci:
A specially trained team was tasked with evacuating the Liberty Bell, and The Library of Congress' first save was to be the G…

And Another Thing

It seems like an oceanside time share among those here would be a success;  hooray for the sea!
Also, while I'm thinking about it, let me address a winners issue.  A couple of people who have won in the Countdown Contest already have taken themselves out of the running in subsequent weeks.  While I appreciate their sentiments, it never crossed my mind to disallow entries from week to week.  For me, it's a new contest each Monday.  If there are people who win more than once, that's just how the random numbers generate.  Plus, the low number of entries each week so far guarantees that someone is going to win more than once by the time it's all over.  It's math.

Ask Question

This week's prizes: Left to right, Heritage Cascade Sock Yarn in  camel, Claudia Handpainted Yarn in corruption, and Knit Picks' "Shoreline" pattern book.    The patterns can be seen here.
By Friday, leave an answer to this question: Which shore do you prefer --- river, lake, or sea?

Answer Questions

My apologies to Kathy, as I haven't answered her questions in a couple of weeks.  Today, that changes. Do you remember where you were on July 20th, 1969 when Man first walked on the MOON? VIVIDLY.  At home, watching it on TV.  I've always been a NASA/space geek. *Have you knitted with any of these? : Blue Moon Fibers, Lantern Moon yarns or Juniper Moon yarns?  Yes to the first two, no to the third.
*When is the last time you won something?  Over a year ago;  I can't remember exactly.  I won a teapot from an online tea site.
*Would you rather knit with 3 interesting skeins or one gradient yarn for a shawl?  Honestly, it depends on the shawl.  My first impulse, though, was "gradient," so I'll go with that. *Have you dropped something in a lake?  Fish I didn't want to catch because I don't like fishing but sometimes you have to pacify the in-laws. *Years ago: Cartwheels? Headstands? or Handstands?  Never any of them.  I can't hula-hoop or skate, eit…


The Number Randomly Generated was  6.
The 6th comment was left by  Grace!
This week's prize will be heading to her first thing next week.
New prize and new question on Monday.

Big Tease

Baby knitting has been on the front burners of late.  Unfortunately. there aren't any available photos of anything because everything is to be given to friends who are mothers-in-waiting.  I will say that, man, a baby gift made with bulky yarn just flies off the needles.
Thank you for all your "floral" answers to this week's question.  It's interesting to read what everyone has to say.  My own favorite is the gardenia.  There is, though, a special place in this house for the daisy: When I told Briton that he was going to be a brother, he asked, "When is she going to be here?"  He never changed his opinion that the new baby was going to be a girl.  Turns out, he knew before we did!  When asked what his sister would be named, again without hesitation, "Daisy."  We've never figured out why "Daisy," but it stuck, and the flower and this character have always meant "Hannah" to us.  I took a little stuffed Daisy Duck with me…

Occam's Razor

Round and round and round my little brain went, trying to land on a question for this week's Countdown Contest.  The prizes suggested several, but, finally, the simplest one won.
What is your favorite flower?
This week's prize-in-main was donated by Camille:
Enough beautiful, smooshable yarn to make the Bellflower Scarf from Color Storms.
Thrown in, a little bit of snackage that you might enjoy while you create:
You've got through this Friday to leave your answer.  And don't forget to tell your friends!

Chewy Influencer --- The Positive

This was a no-brainer.  

This food was slurped up --- LOUDLY --- by Erin and Riley.  I have never heard either of them go at food like they did at this.  Evo 95 has to go on the Pet Shopping List from now on.
I am alllowed to test products from each month, and asked to provide my honest opinions on them.  There is no money involved at all.

Chewy Influencer --- The Negative (?)

As you know, I am a "influencer" --- a customer who is allowed to select products for in-home testing each month.  No money whatsoever is involved, I am simply asked to give honest reviews of the products.
This month, I asked to try  okocat pine litter.  The cats and I had a serious parting of opinion with it.  I like it very much.  It is very, very absorbent and there is no odor at all.  I'd use it from now on, exceptthat Erin does not like it.  She will not move all the way into the litter box, and backs out shaking whatever feet dared make it in.  
Since the other two cats don't seem to mind the texture, there is still a possibility that I'll use it again.  But there will have to be a different box with different litter in it for Erin.

Alrighty Then

Lora --- you win!  I'll try my best to have your prize in the mail on Monday.
Thanks to those of you who played.  New prize and new question on Monday.

Quickly and Efficiently

This will be brief, as today is, evidently, You-Have-To-Juggle-Seven-Things-At-Once Day.
This week's countdown prize:
The Sephora travel brushes bag speaks for itself.  The Make-Up Eraser, I have to say, works like a charm.  It's unclear to me how, exactly, but when the only thing you have to do to get your make-up off is wet a soft cloth and run it over your face, you don't quibble.
For your chance to win, please answer this question by Friday:
What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?
(If you're interested in how the Magic Yarn Ball worked, Kathryn made a nice post about it here.)

Winning Girl

VERA!  You will be getting this week's countdown prize.  If you send me your address, that is.  😄  Send it to handeyecrafts*at*hotmail*dot*com, and your mailbox will soon have a visitor.
You should probably know that Vera's answer was "Napping Girl," which also fits me.  Since socks sort of started this whole thing, I tried to imagine what a pair with each of your answers might look.  
Camille's "Baking Girl" is a girl with oven mitts on pulling cupcakes out of an oven.
Kathy's "Nature Girl," as per her answer, would be a girl with an owl.
Grace's "Sipping Tea Girl" is a girl in a comfy chair by a window, teacup in hand.
Bridget's "Laughing Girl" is a girl with her head thrown back in sheer delight.
Twinnie's "Alpaca Castrating Girl" is. . .
um. . .
well. . .
There's a girl. . .
and, uh . . .

Boy, we all congratulate Vera on her big win, don't we?

So, Have You Told Us?

Have you picked out the kind of "Girl" you are?  A few of you have, and are, therefore, in the running for this week's prize.  Tomorrow is the deadline for entries, so you still have a bit of time.  Here are a few options, if you're stuck.
 Thank you for your kind words about yesterday's post.  The date that Dale died, that my Daddy died, that my Mama died --- they all kind of stop me each year.  Not in a paralyzing way, but in a, "Wow;  how has it been that many years?" way.  And I wonder about the human mind.  Well, about my mind.  There are details about each of their declines that are vivid still, and things that, no matter how hard I try, simply will not come to me.  The day Dale died, clear as a bell.  The day Daddy died, only the very early morning phone call from my mother and my going to Briton and Hannah's school to let their teachers know what was going on.  I don't remember the drive up, visitation at the funeral home, what was done…


My husband died 19 years ago today.
Before I go any further, please know that I'm not looking for sympathy or claps on the back or anything like that.  This is just a "think piece."
Briton was 9, Hannah ten days short of 6 when he died.  When we had visitation here at the house, I was sure that they both had friends here, and that they were allowed to scoot around and be silly and giggle and have fun.  I don't think my mother ever fully accepted my reasoning for that;  she was a stone cold Prim And Proper And Dignity And Decorum type.
Over the years, both Briton and Hannah have asked me variations on the question, "What would Dad think of.  .  ."  Would he like who they were dating?  How would he react to what they wanted to do, or were doing.? My answer has always been that I simply don't know.  I don't know how he would have aged, how his opinions might, or might not, have changed.  All I've been sure about is that he would have loved them mo…

Good Stuff Everywhere

This has arrived, bearing what I can only imagine are magnificent things.  I know this because it is from my dear, darling Camille, who never ceases to amaze me with her generosity and support.  Within are prizes, but whether they will be for the Contest Countdown, or KH and KC, I've yet to decide.  Thank you, thank you, Camille!  😀
The Frankensocks are done. There is even enough yarn left to start the next scraps roundup.
Also done is the Twinnie Coastal Cap. It's a bit of a snug fit, as I have a big ol' head.  Still, it's for style, not warmth.  A hat you toss on when you're off to the coast and it's just a tad windy. Brown is underused as a yarn, don't you think?  I used to say the same about gray, but some people have begun to understand its appeal.

One Of The Girls

There is a line of socks called "The Girls," featuring designs like "Shopping Girl" and "Quilting Girl," and, of course, She is part of this week's Countdown Prize.
Socks, a little journal for notes and such, and a set of finishing/darning needles.  They could all be yours if you answer this question by Friday:
What "Girl" would a pair of socks made specifically for you be?
Mine would be "Napping Girl," or maybe "Watching Sports Girl."
The winner will be announced on Saturday. . .

"Strange Magic"

"Strange Magic" by ELO (Electric Light Orchestra for those of you below a certain age) was the Contest Comment that has won Kathryn the first Countdown to Contests prize.  Congratulations!  Watch your mail next week!
Kathryn has a terrific blog.  She provides links to the most amazing things.  Give it a try, if you haven't already.
Next prize will be posted Monday.

Whatcha Doing?

Thank you for such good answers to this week's question!  There's still today and tomorrow left to answer, so if you think someone might be interested, send them this way.  There are going to be non-knitting prizes, if that makes things a little bit more attractive.  Too, non-knitting prizes can always be substituted if need be.
We've had rain and/or cloudy skies here for several days in a row, which is wonderful save for the sinus headaches that accompany such weather.  There's been lots of holding my head very still lately.

Are any of you playing Summer Book Bingo?  I patchworked my own card, using suggestions from a few different sites.  My first book covers the "By An Author From A Different Country" square, as it was written by an Englishwoman.

I just finished watching "Westworld," on the recommendations of Briton and Hannah.  It's genius stuff, and stars two favorites: How do you miss with Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins?