One Thing Leads to Another

I have lost some weight.  How much I don't know because there isn't a scale in the house.  However, I can tell a significant difference in the way my clothes fit.  That spurred me to clean out my closet --- get rid of my "fatttest" clothes.  Which led to me cleaning out the rest of my closet.  Which led to me packing up a few small boxes with things I want to take with me when I move.  Whenever that is.

I want to get out of Athens, and I want to move toward the water.  An oceanside place is way out of the realm of possibility, but a city or a town where a beach is close?  

None of it is happening anytime soon.  But it's nice to visit Zillow, and to dream.


  1. When the glaciers of Antarctica calve into the sea and the rest melt, you will be glad you couldn't buy beachfront property.


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