Most Excellent Questions

*Do you prefer a digital or an analog clock?
Analog.  Digital cameras aren't pretty;  analogs are.
*How good is your sense of direction?  (We are talking about times when you did not have your phone to use as a compass.)
Pretty good.  Like Kathy, I use the sun to determine the compass points.

*What do you like to knit in worsted weight yarn?
Just about anything.  The only weight I don't enjoy working with is lace.

*What was your favorite subject in school?
Social studies.  Big surprise, huh?

*Have you pulled weeds yet?
No.  I'm not a go-outside-and-work-in-the-dirt kind of person.

*Do you figure out who you caught a cold from?

*Are you ripping out anything you knit this weekend?
No.  It was a pretty good weekend of work.

*Do you have your appendix?
I do.

*Do you have your tonsils?
No.  I had them taken out when I was 24.  It caused the worse pain I've ever been in.  Yes, worse than labor.

*What would you name a colorway based on your weather this morning?
Too Lovely For A Monday.

*What would you name a colorway today based on your morning weather?


  1. I love your colorway name. Im imagining bright blue skies, a few white clouds and a yellow sun in the mix. Ouch Tonsils out seems to be a truly painful event for many. I suppose because we normally swallow so often and don't realize it. When you hurt to swallow it must be the worst!!

  2. Totally with you on analog vs. digital clocks based on the visuals.


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