Sunday, April 16, 2017


Hooray;  baby giraffe has arrived!
Next to his parents, he looks almost like a toy, but when you put him next to anything else, you realize his size.  He's already taller than me: 5'9".

There's a naming contest for him.  I submitted "Reveille," as his arrival trumpeted us all awake yesterday.  That came to me as I was tumbling names around in my head.  His sire's name is Oliver, which, backward --- revilo --- brought Reveille to mind.

Babies are also front and center knitting-wise.  Two people in my orbit are expecting --- one having a boy, the other a girl.  I'm going with basics just now --- burp cloths, wash cloths, etc.  There's a little time yet in both pregnancies, so there's time to decide on the fancier things.  This is my first knitwear model, now waiting to be a big brother.  Time does fly.


  1. I just finished the darling In Threes Cardigan for Gin -- using some of the Tosh Vintage that you sent me!! (Thank you!! xoxo)(There's enough for another, perhaps in a larger size... or something altogether different.)

  2. Ohhh that hat is adorable on that baby model! Love your name Oliver backwards!!!!


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