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 This month, we tried some canine products on behalf of Mr. Rupert here.

This is a probiotic to sprinkle on your dog's food.  It promotes digestive health.  Rupert was having none of it.  He's a little old man, after all (17 in June), and set in his ways.  He took less than a full sniff and turned his head away.

For a second, it looked like we were going to have better luck with this
It's another "meal mixer," and Rupert sniffed and sniffed at it, took a tiny nibble, sniffed some more, and --- again with the head turn.  The fact that it is to be mixed in with his food may have thrown him off;  I'm going to go back to it in a couple of days and try to give it to him on its own.

So, Meal Mixer Superblends gets a hesitant "maybe," and the FortiFlora gets a "no."

I receive products from each month to review.  These are the honest accounts of my experiences,  No money exchanges hands at any point.


  1. Rupert isn't about to be fooled! :-)

  2. This is why I love Chewy for sending us trial products. I dont have to waste good yarn money on things the cats won't eat. :)


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