I have been awake since 10 AM yesterday.  I have no idea why.  It resulted in lots, lots of knitting getting done overnight.  It has also resulted in my being alternately punchy and goofy.  What a day to have a therapy appointment.  At least I had the good sense to wear pretty boots:

There is all kinds of nervous conversation here about some possible snowflakes falling Friday or Saturday.  I have to go to the grocery store tomorrow anyway;  as long as there are a couple of gallons of milk in stock, things will be good here.


  1. Awesome, fun boots!! We are supposed to get snow as well...nothing much, but enough to send everyone out for milk and bread - lol.

  2. Where do you get these amazing boots?? I'm still marveling over the blue roses ones and now these! Tell, tell.

  3. I love those boots. SO cheerful. I think this makes it a perfect day for a therapy appointment. I admire you knitting and not tossing and turning in bed. You are healthier than you think KIm!


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