I remember going furniture shopping with my parents once, and my mother saying how much she liked a particular sleigh bed.  Except that, I heard it as "slave bed," and wondered why anyone would want one of those.

Whaddaya gonna do?  I was little.

Another thing I remember about that trip was driving past a hotel, and noticing that one of the guests had the drapes open.  And there was a naked (or "nekkid") man standing in front of the window.  I blurted out what I had seen, but then tried to make it better by adding, "He's got a towel --- he probably just got out of the bathtub."

Again, youth.

Puttering around on the Internet today, I came across this photo:
That is so Rupert.  The one staring at the curtains.


  1. I remember wondering why my mother would call my dad a sob and, based on the tone of her voice, why it was such a terrible thing... "You S.O.B." (for benefit of the children, who could spell but were apparently sheltered). :)

    Hilarious photo!


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