Are you following Santa on either Google or NORAD?  It's such fun.  I remember when one of the local stations in Nashville started showing flight data;  it was all new and novel and cool.  My children were always fascinated with it --- each Christmas Eve, it was on the computer screen all night.

When I got back from dinner with Hannah and Will, I opened a box that came in yesterday.  I couldn't imagine what it was, and when I looked inside, I almost cried.
This is a 12x12x8 box, and it is solidly full to the top with blanket squares.  Nancy, who lives in Nevada, sent them, and I am completely overwhelmed.  There is still nothing I've ever heard or seen that changes my mind on knitters being the most generous people on the planet.  This is above and beyond, Nancy, and your work and generosity are going to help out someone in need.

Finally, since it's Christmas Eve, the red boots:

Wishing you all happiness, love and friendship tomorrow, and every day to follow.  


  1. That's a LOT of squares! How lovely.

  2. so happy you are getting lots and lots of squares, I know I enjoyed making them too!


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