The Mystery KAL sent to me is done now.  The yarn was "Casterly Rock," by Lorna's Laces, so I had a few ideas about what it could be.
It's a cowl/snood/hood/capelet/tabard thing.  The yarn is worsted, which sort of took me aback, as I only thing of Lorna's Laces as laceweight and sock yarn.

I'm about to cast on for these:

They're the Cabled Hand Warmers from, and they'll be made with this:
If there is, indeed, a traditional tale of A Christmas Pickle, I went 50+ years without ever hearing about it.  When it comes to you in yarn form, though, you become a true believer right quick.


  1. Christmas Pickle!! yes. I"ve heard. ! THose mitts are adorbs. They'll work up fast!!

  2. We have a Christmas pickle on our tree every year. Agree with Kathy B on the mitts. I wish I had more bulky in the stash!

  3. We have a Christmas pickle on our tree every year. You can read about it here:

  4. I know nothing about the Christmas pickle. (But now I'm craving a pickle!) great job on the cowl- have you tried it on? Post a photo of you have please!


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