I certainly hope all of you have had/are having a wonderful holiday.  Here today, it was me and Son, as Daughter chose to go to Boyfriend's parents' house.  When your nearly-30-year-old is just as excited about, and just as happy about, Christmas as a young child, it can't help but be a good day.  We ate cold pizza and Christmas cookies all day, because who wants to cook and then sit down at a table for food when you can grab something on the fly and get back to your presents?

Briton surveying his new Funko Pop! army before
Rupert invaded.

I got the one thing I expressly asked for:
a boot jack.

Happy, Merry, Blessed, Joyful to you all.


  1. Im so glad you had each other and had fun!!!!!! Im a kid a Christmas 100% too. Tomorrow I'll try not to sob as Al leaves for Ok. Zach leaves Tuesday. There's going to be some tears . NO matter how much I try I cannot stop from the awful goodbyes. I am sad most of the day. Hoping I can distract myself with new yarn tomorrow and Tuesday!

  2. Sounds like a most excellent Christmas Day!

    Rupert looks like his invasion wore him out ... :-)


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