There was a fireplace in the library of my parents' house.  My mother kept a basket full of chestnuts on the hearth year-round, which also put me in a Christmas state of mind.

Bridget pointed out that I didn't mention the exact etsy shop from which I bought my horse head wreathy door decoration.  It's Cherry Equine.  I had to dip into my Christmas Tree Money to pay for the decoration, but I've got a line on some cheap trees in town.

Look!  New questions from Kathy!

*Can you knit something by *heart*
Not really;  not from scratch.  I can memorize patterns fairly quickly, so it may look like I'm knitting by heart, but I always have to start by reading.
*Would you like some yarn for Christmas?
This is going to sound un-knitter-like, but no.  I'd rather get some needles.
*Did you shovel any snow this December?
We do not shovel snow in the South.
*Can you make a bow for a package or gift?
Yes.  I spent several Christmases at my Daddy's jewelry as a gift wrapper.
*Do you buy used books or new?
*Have you seen a living Nativity?
It's one of our Christmas Eve traditions --- going to one in town.  Not only have I seen one, though, I've been in one!
*Have you ever received home baked cookies in the mail?
*When was the last time your toes froze and your nose was red?
My nose got a little red today in the cold rain.  Frozen toes I can't remember.
*Did you know that Christmas and Hanukkah are intertwined this year?
I did.  I had to check the calendar to see when to send my Bestie her Hanukkah present, and saw it.
*Do you love to get a Christmas card? 
Oh, very much so!!


  1. Aww thanks for playing. YOU WERE IN a living Nativity! ! What role did you play? The sheep I hope


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