[So far, 3 ladies have expressed interest in the swap.  We'd love to have more of you, though.  It won't be a tough one;  in fact, I'm going to send you what you need for the swap's main part.  Please think it over --- I'll announce the details on Wednesday.]

It's Monday, which means it's time for Kathy's Questions!  And for those of you who didn't know, Kathy has a new blog address;  click on her name above to get there.

Here we go.
*Have you ever petted an angora bunny?  It seems like something I should have done, but don't remember a specific instance.
*Do you have any novelty yarn in your stash? Yes, some Habu made of pineapple plants. 
*I’m maintaining my weight but I have to admit I still have to have: Creamer in my coffee and sugar.  Is there something  you simply can’t give on with your food life?  Dr Pepper.
*Do you swim during the winter months? I don't swim at all.  I never learned how.
*What are you having for dinner tonight? Chinese, via delivery.  Pan-fried noodles.
*The weather has been such a gift this November. It is sunny and 50s and that is just unheard of now.   Friends are putting up their Christmas decor.  are you?  No.  I start the day after Thanksgiving.
*Are you a Black Friday Cyber Monday shopper?  Only if I happen to think of something on that day.  I don't have plans or lists or anything.
*Did you cast on this weekend?  I did, also three times.  Two scarves and a cowl. 
*Did you see the Supermoon yet?  Yes!  Stunning. 
*Would you like to recommend a movie?  (must entertaining and light)  "GalaxyQuest" --- really funny.  "Crazy in Alabama."  "The Philadelphia Story."  "Bringing Up Baby."


  1. Can't swap just now, but maybe next time !!!!

  2. I've never done a swap before, but I'm willing to give it a try.

  3. My answers are: yes, yes, cupcakes, yes, pancakes, decorate after 12/1 (since it is Atticus' bday),

  4. Cyber Monday yes, did not cast on, saw the moon- gobsmacked, movie- love and friendship was charming and very funny, and since it is the holidays, must re watch love actually. :)


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