Let's Go Shallow!

ETA: All polls are open.  My bad before.

One Thanksgiving activity that I did not mention was my daughter's and my annual perusal of People's "Sexiest Man of The Year" issue.  We sit together and, well, comment on men.  (I could have said something clever and flowery, but that's really all we do.)

I actually used to teach out of that issue, too.  I could cover cultural standards of beauty, marketing, gender stereotypes, and journalism all in one big, fun swoop.

Won't be doing that today.

Today you will vote on Hunky versus Sexy, as I pair up KHs and People's Sexiests year by year.  There will be no votes for 2008 and 2009, as KH and Sexiest were the same for both those years: Hugh Jackman in '08, Johnny Depp in '09.

This is all for fun, 'cause it's the kind of thing I like to do.  No overall winner, just curious what you all think.  I will, though, choose a random voter to receive a tiny prize;  leave a comment to "qualify."  ('Cause that's the kind of thing I like to do, too.)


  1. HOw did I miss this fun? Hahahahh.

  2. How did I miss all but one of the polls?

  3. a bunch of polls are closed! Sad face!

  4. Ewan!!! Liam!!!! Alan!!! Sigh. So fun. Great tradition. I'll have to adopt it.


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