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One --- One song running through my head over and over: "Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)".  It's one of the most romantic, saddest love songs ever. Kristofferson is a genius wordsmith.
Two --- Two Christmas gifts arrived in the mail today.  I've done all my shopping online.  It makes being housebound because of The Depression less costly, and I get packages in the mail!

Three --- Three days I've been searching for my daughter's Christmas stocking.  Why wasn't it in the same box as the others?
Four --- Four of us are snugged up on the couch right now.  If one of us moves, the other three are going to have to re-settle.
Five --- 5 Triangle Shawl will be my next cast-on.

Six --- Six stitches between pattern repeats on the Chevron Scarf I showed you yesterday.  It's great when a pattern is easily memorized, don't you think?

Seven ---
What?  I couldn't think of anything "7" in my life.  Besides, it's Chri…

Announcements (Sort of)

Hunks bettered Sexiests;  that shouldn't come as a surprise.  You were the ones who nominated and voted for them.

Kathy will be receiving a tiny something in the mail in a day or two.

Frogged my Miquon Saturday night --- it just wasn't going well.  Upset about it, too, as it had the potential to be so, so pretty.  I'm not good about going back to something I've unraveled, either.  Time will tell.

Is anyone else having to triage some of their Christmas decorations as they unpack them?  I have used so much glue this weekend.  A tiny leg cracked here, a roof shingle off there. . .  And one of the Wise Men in the Nativity that always goes under the tree has to be put back in place everyyear.  I suppose it could be seen as a holiday tradition, but, he vexes me.

When I'm thinking of making things to put in my etsy shop, I should not buy yarn in colors I like.  Because, almost inevitably, I will want to keep what I knit.  Like this scarf, for example:
I must make my eyes…

Blankapalooza Square #33

Since we're entering the season of wrapping presents, for your next square, USE THE COLOR OF YOUR SCISSORS' HANDLES.
(How wonderful is this tape/scissors combo?)

Let's Go Shallow!

ETA: All polls are open.  My bad before.

One Thanksgiving activity that I did not mention was my daughter's and my annual perusal of People's "Sexiest Man of The Year" issue.  We sit together and, well, comment on men.  (I could have said something clever and flowery, but that's really all we do.)
I actually used to teach out of that issue, too.  I could cover cultural standards of beauty, marketing, gender stereotypes, and journalism all in one big, fun swoop.
Won't be doing that today.
Today you will vote on Hunky versus Sexy, as I pair up KHs and People's Sexiests year by year.  There will be no votes for 2008 and 2009, as KH and Sexiest were the same for both those years: Hugh Jackman in '08, Johnny Depp in '09.
This is all for fun, 'cause it's the kind of thing I like to do.  No overall winner, just curious what you all think.  I will, though, choose a random voter to receive a tiny prize;  leave a comment to "qualify."  (&#…


My daughter's boyfriend is a bona fide cook.  He came up with an all-from-scratch Thanksgiving meal for us: Turkey Mashed sweet potatoes with cream cheese Roasted white potatoes Yeast rolls Green bean casserole Stuffing Gravy Thank you, William;  it was all delicious.
We had a lovely time, and Briton and Hannah had lots to talk about. This is either a conversation about Pokemon or other video games or the Avengers or mutual friends or "The Walking Dead" or movies or pets or TV shows. . .  You can see that Hannah inherited the talking-with-your-hands gene from me.  I once had a student ask me if I'd be able to lecture with my hands tied. Thanksgiving

I'm assuming there's going to be a lot of turkey stock made tonight and tomorrow;  Rupert had a little bit of a head start on you all.  These "soup bones" were a big hit right out of the big.  Then, he took one to his "stash site," where he keeps a pork chin and a piece of rawhide --- both are chewed on occasion.  He's returned to it several times, so he's obviously playing the long game with it.
The cats, who sniff at Rupert's soup bone until he growls them away, got some treats this month. I don't usually buy any tuna, or other fish, food for them, so I was interested in how they would respond to these.  They loved them.  Actually, has there been a cat product from Chewy that they didn't like?
I am part of a monthly trial program with  Each month, they send me products to try and to review.  There is no money involved at all.  My pets and I simply give the products a try, and I post our sincere reactions to and reviews of t…

Thanks to Kathy for The Questions

*What’s a silver lining for you and the cold?  I just love cold weather, period.  Dusk in Fall and Winter is my favorite time of day in my favorite time(s) of year.  It energizes me.  It makes me feel comfortable and productive. *Did you have an AHA! moment while knitting this weekend?  No, though I was searching for one.  Someone sent me yarn and a pattern from a KAL that hadn't had time to participate in, and I started working on it this weekend.  I was hoping I'd be able to figure out what I was making, but I haven't yet. *Have you begun your holiday Thanksgiving prep or baking?  No;  we're having Thanksgiving at my daughter's, so I don't have to do any!  (Her boyfriend is a serious cook.) *Have you stepped out of your fashion comfort zone lately?  I've settled more into it, actually!  Sweatshirts and sweaters and scarves and COWBOY BOOTS. *Did [you] thank anyone this weekend?  Yes.  The pizza delivery guy, my son, my daughter, a former teacher. *Do you knit…

Quick Note to Grace

Hi, Grace!  I don't have your e-mail address to send you your swap info.  Could you get it to me, please?  Thanks.

P(eace) O(f) M(ind) Swap

To the POM Swappers:  I will be contacting you by e-mail with your partner's name and address shortly.  Nancy, I don't have an e-mail or an address for you --- could you send your address to me at handeyecraftsathotmaildotcom so that I can get you set up?
Here is how the swap will go: 1) I will send each swapper a piece of cardstock.  She is to use that cardstock to make something for her giftee.  Cut it to make a bookmark, fold it to make a card, paste a picture on it, write a quote, whatever you can think of!  But what you make must be a) about what brings your giftee peace of mind and b) must have a pom-pom on it.  String the pom-pom, glue it on directly, use it in the "artwork" --- again, whatever you can think of!  You can make a pom-pom yourself, or buy a bag of them at Dollar Tree or Michael's or practically any store that sells crafting supplies.
2) Include one other thing in your gift that, again, brings calm to the recipient.  With the holidays bearing…

All In All, It's Just Another

. . . square in the blanket.  Sorry.  Got carried away and lost the meter.
Can you believe that, after today, there are only 4 Blankapalooza prompts to give?  For today,
PICK A PASTEL. Pastels make pretty squares, don't you think?
[So far, 3 ladies have expressed interest in the swap.  We'd love to have more of you, though.  It won't be a tough one;  in fact, I'm going to send you what you need for the swap's main part.  Please think it over --- I'll announce the details on Wednesday.]

It's Monday, which means it's time for Kathy's Questions!  And for those of you who didn't know, Kathy has a new blog address;  click on her name above to get there.
Here we go. *Have you ever petted an angora bunny?  It seems like something I should have done, but don't remember a specific instance. *Do you have any novelty yarn in your stash? Yes, some Habu made of pineapple plants. *I’m maintaining my weight but I have to admit I still have to have: Creamer in my coffee and sugar.  Is there something  you simply can’t give on with your food life?  Dr Pepper. *Do you swim during the winter months? I don't swim at all.  I never learned how. *What are you having for dinner tonight? Chin…

Pop Quiz

I have two questions for you.
Number One: Would you be interested in a little pre-holiday-crazies swap?
Number Two:  What gives you peace of mind/calms you/helps you de-stress?
Yes, I'll somehow combine those two if enough of you want to participate.

Deep Breath

Since Tuesday night, phrases and single words have been ricocheting around my brain.  They have come and gone without me being able to harness them and make sense.  There's no energy for the effort.  This feeling is one I've never had before.  My soul is sick.  I am afraid.  I am worried.  I am sad.  And while none of those descriptions are wrong, they aren't accurate, because a feeling like this has never swallowed me.  I'm missing an adequate vocabulary.
Do you know what I did as a way to slow my heartbeat that night, to sort of distract myself?  Sorted my yarn.  If there's anything that can soothe a knitter, it's going through yarn.  Feeling the textures, appreciating the dyemanship in the pretty colors, imagining what those strings can be looped into.  There were even some new hanks to admire:

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Gnome Acres.  They have good yarn and a true talent for naming colors.  Verdant Gryphon is the same.  In fact, I u…

You Know What I'm Talking About

I have several projects going on right now.  Let me tell you about two of them.
First is the pretty, pretty Miquon Wrap: Mine is charcoal heather where the model is grey, and will be gold where the model is blue.
Second is the Beignet scarf from Berroco: There are ribbing panels scattered in with the garter stitch ones.  Mine is being made with yarn Twinnie gave me some time ago: deep, dark purple with gold sparklies.  Do you remember that, Twinster?
I tell you about these two because, since they're both items where gauge is not important, I went for color choice and wound up with fingering yarn to make both.  Plus, they're both uncomplicated pattern-wise --- perfect for working on while watching football.  Except the small yarns and their corresponding small needles have made them so boring.  And the boredom has led to Startitis, looking for more exciting things to make.  Open vistas and all that.
You know what I'm talking about. . .

The Staff

One thing about being sick: you tend to stay in one place once you're comfortable.  Me, I've split my time between bed and the couch.  And, one by one, each of the animals has come to check on me.  This led to Close-Up Portraiture:
Occasionally, there has been confusion on exactly who was on nurse duty:
I've been in good han. . . paws.

This One is Easy

What's your favorite color?

Status Report

Voted (early) yesterday: I was by far the youngest voter in line.  And I remind you that I am 56 years old.
Son worked Monday night, and dressed appropriately:
I have finished Lion's Easy Shaped Shawl: I totally dug the yarn.
Also finished the Yin Yang Bolero: The back looks a little wonky, but that's just how the colors pooled.  I hope I have a great button to finish it off.
Another project is this Checkerboard Scarf, also from Lion.  This yarn makes me almost unfairly happy.
Today's the first day I've been able to keep any food down.  I'm going to assume the bug is done with me.