Tenth Stage

Today's voting ends Round Two.  Then there'll be two days for Round Three, and we'll be on to the Quarterfinals!  The races are certainly picking up steam, now.

My dear, dear Twinnie has nominated Alexander Skarsgard every year of this contest.  Unfortunately, he did not win his Second Round match-up, but perhaps it is time to make him the image of KH from now on:
That would make a nice wool-related header, don't you think?

In this part of Round Two:
Ewan McGregor
Helen Mirren
Jon Bon Jovi
Tina Fey
Viggo Mortensen
Claire Forlani
were selected to move forward.  Who's deserving of moving forward with them?


  1. Maggie Smith against Jane Goodall? Oh dear, that's a tough one.

  2. ROYALTY DAY! And thanks for the AS shout out.

  3. This seemed the easiest so far for me!


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