And Then There Were These

One of these years, I'm going to run a tally of how many hours I spend looking for photos of KH and KC nominees.  It's a lot.  I mean, when Denzel Washington stops looking like Denzel Washington, you know you've been at it too long.

Here are some pictures I came across that I couldn't use, but really like:
Jerome Flynn as Bennet Drake.  "iPod in Whitechapel."

Most of Yo-Yo Ma's pictures show him with his cello.  Oddly, no other nominees had the same prop.

Idina/Elphaba.  This is a masterpiece.

Very few nominees have their own Funko Pop Figures.  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is one of The Chosen Ones.

Everyone looks good in a cowboy hat.

Black and white make for the best portraits, I think, but not every nominee has them available.

It's weird, not setting up matches anymore, after 2+ weeks of doing it.  I also finished the shawl I was testing for Kelli:
I can't show you all of it, obviously.  The purple yarn was DIVINE.  With it done, and KH and KC over, the two things that ate up all my time are gone.  


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