Questions? Anyone?

Happy First of August to you all;  rabbit, rabbit to my Twinnie.

Another Monday, another terrific set of questions from Kathy.  Let's get to them, shall we? 

*Do you have a mosquito bite? 
I do not.  We have a significant number of dragonflies here --- I think they're keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

*Have you been to a garage or rummage sale this summer?
I have not.  I am, however, planning to have one of my own.

*Have you purchased a knit pattern this summer?
I bought a knitting magazine a couple of weeks ago, so, technically, I've bought several!

*Have you seen someone else knitting in public this summer?
Unfortunately, no. 

*Have you knitted with cotton this summer? 
Yes!  I've made a lot of washcloths.

*Have you used Ravelry's road trip planner this summer?
I wish.  No road trips on the horizon for me.

I'm knitting a sock now, in addition to the square hats.  I'm also still playing Pokemon Go, and have caught three of my favorite "monster," Oddish:
I shan't be evolving him, as this is his cutest stage.  (Hey, you get hooked on this stuff!)


  1. Kim, cute Pokeman shot. When you knit a square hat is there no or less shaping? That would appeal to me a lot


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