It's the Two Week Countdown

That's right --- two weeks from today, nominations open for the 2016 Edition of Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick!

For those of you who may already be thinking about your nominees, know that the following are automatically going into the draws:

Sam Elliott
Viggo Mortensen
Mike Rowe
Ewan McGregor

Tina Fey
Meryl Streep
Maggie Smith 
Isabella Rosellini

As always, I'm anxious to see whom you all choose!

The year Isabella Rosellini won, she had been nominated by my friend Camille.  Part of her prize package was some yarn I found that was called "Isabella."  She sent me photos of the gorgeous shawl she made with it:

Is that beautiful, or what?

What will this year's winning nominators win?


  1. Time to start thinking ... this is always harder for me than it should be!

  2. I got it this year! I cannot wait to tell you my nominees.
    THAT shawl is gorgeous. I think I've knit one like it before. Actually twice. The recipient felted the first one I made for her. I was sure to make the second Acrylic

  3. I swear the KH and KC contests are the highlight of my year! So much fun and anticipation!!! Thanks for the refresher about who is already in... I'm breaking my brain about who to nominate- besides the one you know about already! Glad you liked my shawl- thank you! It's my favorite and most used piece of knitwear to date. The yarn is just perfect for the pattern. It's a free pattern called the Mara Shawl by Madelinetosh.


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