Fifth Lap

We had a staff meeting here at KH/KC HQ, and decided that there will be no voting on Saturdays.  A lot of you have a lot to do on those days, we know, so we'll all take the day off, and get back to business on Sundays.

Is anyone else finding match-ups really hard?  (And I mean other than finding photos.  Jeeemanee.)  For this early on, it seems like there are some really tough choices.  But just you wait. . .

Emmylou Harris
John Hamm
Neil Gaiman
Lucy Liu
Michael Keaton
Felicity Huffman
moved on,
and, there was finally a winner in our first tie:
Alan Cumming

Here are you last pairs for setting up the second round.  Happy Voting!
Enjoy your day off tomorrow. See you back here on Sunday.


  1. A couple tough choices there. Others were very, very easy because I didn't recognize one (or both!) of the nominees. No, I don't get out much-- why do you ask?

  2. Well, it is Shabbat after all, so makes perfect sense.

  3. Maybe as part of next years contest (hopefully you'll do a next year), you could have us include a link to our nomination's best pic.

    1. I'll definitely be back next year; it will be the contest's 10th anniversary!

      I often wonder if nominators are happy with the photos I choose. I try very hard to find similar photos so that there isn't any obvious favoritism.


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