And Kathy's Questions Are. . .

*Ice cubes or fake cubes?
Neither, really.  There aren't too many cold drinks that I don't take straight up. 

*Shawls or Stole? 

*Campfire or fireplace fire?

*Blanket: fringe or border?
Border.  On scarves, too.  I don't do fringe on scarves or pom-poms on hats.  I'm a rebel that way.

*Rowdy Gaines or Phil Liggett?
(Swim announcer or cycling)
Liggett.  I'm a sucker for an accent.

*Suet or Seed?
I like seeds.  Probably because my children always did such cute crafts with them.

*Mt. Rushmore or Statue of Liberty?
Having been to neither, I'm going to guess Mt. Rushmore.  'Cause. . .  Lincoln.

*Beret pattern or headband?

*USPS or Fed Ex?
I misread this and thought the choices were UPS and FedEx.  (*cough*UPS*cough*)  I don't really have a preference between the other two.

*Knit on a screen porch or knit on a beach?
If "beach" is an answer to most anything, that's likely what I'm going to say.  But here, the porch wins.  Knitting is too "heavy" for the beach.  And I'd rather walk and hunt for shells anyway.


  1. If Phil Liggett would announce/call swimming I would think I had died and gone to heaven!

  2. All of my answers are the same except I don't know the sports guys and choose the Statue of Liberty.

  3. I don tl like sand in my yarn so I prefer porch too. And no bugs that way!


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